Charter School Applications

2017 OPSB Charter School Request For Applications (RFA) Process

Orleans Parish School Board is now accepting applications for Part 1 of the 2017 charter application process.

Materials for Prospective Applicants

1) Receive Information for Prospective Applicants

2) Download the 2017 Charter RFA Guidance and Materials here:

3) Register in OPSB Charter Application Portal
Applicants will submit charter applications using the OPSB Charter Application Portal (Fluid Review).
Applicants will find required application templates and other resources.
For a tutorial on the Charter Application Portal, click here.

Citywide Authorizer Priorities

OPSB has adopted strategic priorities to guide its charter authorization efforts, based on an assessment of the district’s needs and future goals. These strategic priorities have been adopted by the Board and released to the public prior to the close of the application period. Alignment with the district’s strategic priorities will be considered as a primary factor for all applicants in the proposal evaluation process.

OPSB’s 2017 Charter School Authorizer & Portfolio Strategic Priorities will be released in December 2016.

Timeline for 2017 Charter Application Process

Note: Orleans Parish School Board follows the timeline for charter applications approved by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.  

 Charter RFA Release  Part 1: November 15, 2016
Part 2: December 15, 2016
Part 1: Eligibility Review Deadline  Noon, January 20, 2017
Part 2: Notice of Intent & Eligibility Documentation Deadline  Noon, January 27, 2017
Final Eligibility Determinations  February 3, 2017
Part 2: Complete Applications Due  Noon, February 24, 2017
 Final Completeness re-check  March 10, 2017
Requests for Clarification Presented to Applicants  March 31, 2017
Deadline for Applicant Responses to Requests for Clarification  Noon, April 12, 2017
Capacity Interviews  April 19-21, 2017
Evaluator Recommendations Presented to Applicants and Staff  May 1, 2017
Deadline for Applicant Responses  5pm, May 5, 2017
Public Hearing (OPSB Accountability Committee)  May 11, 2017
Final Charter Decisions (OPSB Board Business Meeting)  May 16, 2017

OPSB will review proposals, on a rolling basis through the end of the charter school application deadline: February 24, 2017 and may therefore present final recommendations in advance of May 16th.

Per LA statute, OPSB waives the full application for charter operators eligible for Automatic Replication of existing schools. OPSB will still receive and evaluate proposals from these operators specifically as they relate to conversion of existing schools into Type 3 charters.

La statute RS 17:3973 stipulates that charter schools authorized by the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education directly must be approved by the faculty/staff and parents of the school’s existing student body through a vote.  The same statute provides that local school districts, like Orleans Parish School Board, have no such requirement. In evaluating proposals for both new and existing charter schools, OPSB requests that applicants include in their proposal evidence of parent and community support.  In the past, this has taken the form of votes, letters of support, petitions, and other evidence.  No one format is required.

In past years Orleans Parish School Board’s charter application has required Demonstrated Support Procedures for Type 3 charter applicants.  No such requirements will be applied for the 2017 Charter RFA process.

Important Eligibility Information
Louisiana law sets out specific requirements for all groups submitting charter applications:

  • Only nonprofit organizations may hold charters in Louisiana.
  • Application teams must include three Louisiana teachers certified by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

All applicants must meet these eligibility requirements in order to submit a full application.

Applicant Pathways
In this Request for Applications, applicants will be considered in two groups, each of which has specific requirements.

New Operators are nonprofit organizations which:

  • has never operated a chater school and/or
  • does not intend to employ an education service provider or intends to employ an educational service provider that has never operated a school

Existing Operators are nonprofit organizations which:

  • Have one or more schools (currently or previously) in operation
  • Intend to employ an educational service provider with one or more schools in operation

Public Disclosure
All charter school application materials submitted to OPSB become public records, pursuant to the Louisiana Public Records Law, LSA-R.S. 44:1 et seq.

Application Contact
For any questions or concerns regarding the 2017OPSB Charter School RFA, please contact Taina Knox, Director of New Schools and Programs by email: [email protected].

Additional Resources for Applicants

Prospective applicants may also wish to review:

· The Louisiana Common Charter Application, which is available on the Louisiana Department of Education’s website, link here

· The additional resources page of this website, which provides links to outside resources that may assist in preparing your application, link here

· For information on OPSB’s 2016 Charter School RFA process, click here.

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