New Orleans Educators Honored For Excellence in Teaching

May 26, 2016

Crier _ Dr Lewis

Ms. Sylvia Crier, a teacher for 51 years, poses with Superintendent Dr. Henderson Lewis Jr. outside the Arbor Room at Popp Fountain at New Orleans City Park during  the New Orleans Excellence in Teaching Award ceremony.

Some of New Orleans most phenomenal teachers were recognized at the New Orleans Excellence in Teaching Award ceremony on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.  The award is a citywide honor for outstanding public school teachers.  New Schools for New Orleans hosted the event that featured 9 award winners and 11 finalists. The educators were nominated by a leader at their school or network for their excellence in increasing student achievement, their commitment to honing their craft, their dedication to building strong relationships with their students, and their positive impact on their school community.

Award Winners:

Teacher: Hannah Bunis

School: Akili Academy of New Orleans


Teacher: Sylvia Crier

School: McDonogh 35 Senior High School


Teacher: Tamara Durant

School: KIPP Renaissance High School


Teacher: Charles Harrison

School: Warren Easton Charter High School


Teacher: Nicole Mayeux

School: Walter L. Cohen College Prep


Teacher: Gregory Sextion

School: Samuel J. Green Charter School


Teacher: Brittany Smith

School: Edward Hynes Charter School


Teacher: Kristi Walton

School: Langston Hughes Academy


Teacher: Lytanya Wilbon

School: James M. Singleton Charter School


Award Finalists:

Teacher: Alex Bell

School: Sci Academy


Teacher: Ivory Clark

School: Lawrence D. Crocker College Prep


Teacher: Warnett Craig

School: Medard H. Nelson Charter School


Teacher: Elfrida Flint

School: Alice M. Harte Charter School


Teacher:  Lynette Henry

School: Fannie C. Williams Charter School


Teacher: Mariko Kawate

School: Harriet Tubman Charter School


Teacher: Hannah Rich

School: New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School


Teacher: Mia Rotondo

School: Benjamin Franklin Elementary Mathematics and Science School


Teacher: Sophia Roy

School: KIPP Central City Academy


Teacher: Kristen Weddle

School: Morris Jeff Community School


Teacher: Whitney Wiegand

School: ReNEW Cultural Arts Academy


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