Unification Advisory Committee Meets to Review Second Quarterly Unification Milestones

February 22, 2017

The Unification Advisory Committee met last night, February 21st at OPSB’s central office, to review OPSB’s progress in the transition of schools back to local control.  This group meets quarterly to review OPSB’s milestones, as outlined by the Unification Plan.

OPSB administration presented a report highlighting progress made since December (Power Point) (Unification Milestone Report).

Progress against the plan is attributed to substantial engagement of the broader education community. In development of its March Milestones, OPSB leveraged taskforces, including the Authorization, Accountability & Planning taskforce and the Facilities taskforce, which each meet weekly and consist of approximately 25-30 community stakeholders, OPSB and RSD staff, and school leaders at OPSB and RSD schools.  In addition, legal counsel from all schools have been engaged to review and provide input to contract revisions and will continue to participate in that process.

The administration reports that the current work is going well. OPSB is well on track to achieve all of its six March milestones, with work underway already on June milestones relating to charter policies, school accountability, and facilities as well.  Two milestones initially scheduled for March have been reprioritized for future dates.

The work for March, positions OPSB to develop a revised Performance Framework, which aligns authorization standards between OPSB and RSD systems, and will be used to monitor and evaluate all schools under the unified school system.

Additionally, OPSB seeks to adopt a common charter operating agreement, as Act 91 requires the School Board to approve charter operating agreements that are common across all charter schools under the board’s jurisdiction.

OPSB will develop and adopt facilities policies for maintenance and repairs as well as a process for the ongoing maintenance and support of OPSB buildings by school leaders. Completion of facilities maintenance policies will position OPSB to complete new Facilities Lease and Maintenance Handbook.

Finally, OPSB will seek to adopt charter policies (such as a policy guiding a charter operator enrollment cap, as well as a policy guiding adjustments to the differentiated funding model), as required by Act 91 and in response to Act 91 provisions.

The Unification Advisory Committee last met November 28, 2017 and is scheduled to meet next on May 25, 2017 at 5pm at the OPSB central office.

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