Make Donation To The Smith Family Fund

March 16, 2017

Smith Family

On Friday, March 10th, three Samuel J. Green Charter School students and their mother were victims of a shooting at their home. Jumyrin Smith (kindergarten), Justin Simms (5th grade) and their mother, Monique Smith, did not survive. A’Miya Smith (7th grade) remains in serious condition.

Please consider making contribution to the Smith Family Fund. There are two ways for you to donate:

1. You can donate online by going to the following web page:

2. Visit any Capital One bank and ask to donate to the Monique Smith Fund. This method requires in person donations only.

There have been other fraudulent accounts (specifically gofundme accounts) set up without consent. These are the only two ways that your contribution will go directly to the Smith Family.

100% of the funds collected will be give to the Smith Family to assist with funeral expenses and ongoing medical needs for A’Miya. Please feel free to share this post amongst your personal networks. Thank you for your generous support at this difficult time.

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