Schools Recognized For Outstanding Academic Performance At March Business Meeting

March 20, 2017

Several OPSB schools received recognition for achieving outstanding academic performance at the March 16, 2017 board business meeting.  The schools’ academic performance is measured by the 2016 school performance scores (sps).

The following school was recognized for their achievements as top-gains schools:03.16.17 Mahalia Jackson Elementary SPS

  • Mahalia Jackson Elementary School: SPS increase of 10.2 points (Site director Litouri Smith)

The following schools were recognized as being “Schools of Distinction” for achieving a letter grade of “B.”

  • Robert Russa Moton Charter School: SPS 85.9 points  no picture available (Principal Paulette Bruno, Board Chair Velta Simms)

03.16.17 Eleanor McMain SPS

  • Eleanor McMain Secondary School: SPS 89.2 points (Principal Lakeysha London)

03.16.17 Bethune Elementary SPS

  • Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School: SPS 89.5 (Principal Mary Haynes-Smith)

03.16.17 Sci High SPS

  • New Orleans Charter Science & Mathematics High School: SPS 94.4 (Principal Claire Jecklin, Board Chair Mary Zervigon)

03.16.17 Ben Franklin Elementary SPS

  • Benjamin Franklin Elementary School: SPS 95.4 points (Principal Charlotte Matthew)

The following school was recognized for receiving the “Award of Highest Growth” with an increase in SPS of 39.7 points:

03.16.17 Andrew Wilson Charter SPS

  • Andrew Wilson Charter School (InspireNOLA Schools CEO Jamar McKneely,  Principal Lee Green, Board Chair Wayne Crochet)

The following schools were recognized for “ ‘A’ Award of Top Achievement,” for schools receiving a letter grade of “A”:

03.16.17 KIPP Renaissance SPS

  • KIPP Renaissance High School: SPS 100 points (KIPP New Orleans Schools CEO Rhonda Kalifey-Aluise, Principal Joey LaRoche (Named Louisiana Principal of the Year 2016), Board Chair Drew Marsh)

03.16.17 Warren Easton SPS

  • Warren Easton Charter School: SPS: 100.7 points (CEO/Principal Alexina Medley, Board Chair Bill Hatchette)

03.16.17 Alice Harte SPS

  • Alice M. Harte Charter School: SPS 104.3 points (InspireNOLA Schools CEO Jamar McKneely, Principal Robert Hill, Board Chair Wayne Crochet)

Edna Karr SPS


  • Edna Karr High School: SPS 106.9 points (InspireNOLA Schools CEO Jamar McKneely, Principal Harold Clay, Board Chair Wayne Crochet)

03.16.17 Audubon SPS

  • Audubon Charter School: SPS 112.2 points (CEO/Principal LaToye Brown, Board Chair Derek Bardell)

03.16.17 Edward Hynes SPS

  • Edward Hynes Charter School: SPS 113.7 points (Principal Michelle Douglas, Board Chair Alvin Miester)

03.16.17 Lake Forest Elementary SPS

  • Lake Forest Charter School: SPS 127.5 points (CEO/Principal Mardele Early, Board Chair G. Lee Caston)

03.16.17 Lusher SPS

  • Lusher Charter School: SPS 137 points (CEO Kathy Riedlinger, Board Chair Rachel Wisdom)

03.16.17 Ben Franklin High School SPS

  • Benjamin Franklin High School: SPS 140.3 points (Principal Pat Widhalm, Board Chair Lester Alexander)
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