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March 28, 2017

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Our students & schools need your input

OPSB is committed to a greater level of transparency and to getting further input from the community, particularly as we think about long-term visioning for the district. The purpose of the NOLA Education Survey is to hear from the community so that we can truly understand what is valued in our city’s education system and better plan for the future of our students.

We want to learn more about your satisfaction with the current school system, priorities for the school system moving forward, and what OPSB’s role should be in this system.

Accessing The Survey:

Need More Information:

  • Community Members
    Are you trying to share the survey with your neighbors or do you need a hard copy survey?
    If so, contact Forrest Collins at forrest_collins@opsb.us
  • Community Organization
    Are you interested in hosting a survey event, thinking about having OPSB present to your members, or just trying to find out how to send the survey to your organization?
    If so, contact Jason Hughes at Jason_hughes@opsb.us

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