Orleans Parish School Board September 2018 Meeting Recap

October 1, 2018


Toyota of New Orleans recognizes high school seniors with perfect attendance

NEW ORLEANS – (Sept. 20, 2018) – At the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) board business meeting on Thursday, Sept. 20, the school board approved to raise the annual salary scale to a minimum of $15 for Child Nutrition employees. The board also accepted a donation of $75,000 from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to support New Orleans charter school development and Toyota of New Orleans recognized high school seniors with perfect attendance. Additionally, the board honored Sgt. Tanya Picard for her service as the Juvenile Detention Lead at the Orleans Justice Center and EdNavigator presented information on the Parents’ Bill of Rights. The short-term use of vacant lots and facilities was also approved.

OPSB approves child nutrition salary scale

The OPSB voted to approve an annual salary scale for Child Nutrition employees to ensure a minimum wage of $15 per hour for the FY19 school year. This was approved in order to ensure all child nutrition staff earn a living wage.

Bill and Melinda Gates to donate $75,000 to support New Orleans charter schools

During the meeting, the OPSB approved a donation of $75,000 from Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates to support work for identifying and supporting strategic school design models for charter school partners across New Orleans.

Seniors with perfect attendance awarded by Toyota of New Orleans

Toyota of New Orleans, in partnership with the OPSB, was proud to recognize 50 high school seniors with perfect attendance.


OPSB Honors Sergeant Tanya Picard, Juvenile Detention Lead at the Orleans Justice Center

Sgt. Tanya Picard has played a critical role in supporting the Travis Hill School at the Orleans Justice Center (OJC). Sgt. Picard ensured that our students in the secure care facility have access to quality education and works with the school staff to ensure that the school is successful. We continue to have students achieve academically at the OJC and had over five students who obtained their high school diploma this year.

EdNavigator presents information on Parents’ Bill of Rights

On June 1, Gov. John Bel Edwards signed Act 547, revising the state’s existing Parents’ Bill of Rights and expanding parents’ access to education information in several important ways. During the board meeting, EdNavigator presented information on the expansion of parents’ access to education information through the Parents’ Bill of Rights.

Effective Aug. 1, 2018, parents have the right to:

  • Receive a child’s education records within 10 business days of submitting a request. The law clarifies that parents do not have to make the request in-person and that electronic copies of records must be provided at no charge. While some schools do a great job getting this information to parents already, others treat students’ files as if they are top-secret, making parents jump through hoops to get the results of benchmark tests or other such records, or drawing the process out for weeks or months.
  • Access the final school calendar for the academic year at least 30 days prior to the first day of school. Some schools currently have no published calendar at all, or release their calendar only after the school year has started, making it hard for parents to plan ahead. Important dates for parent-teacher conferences, testing, and teacher development days are sometimes communicated with just a few days’ notice.
  • View a complete listing of school fees and the purpose of each. Though public schools are supposed to be free, it has become more common for districts to charge fees for a wide range of routine activities. This requirement will improve transparency and ensure families understand what they’re paying for and why.
  • View any school uniform requirements on the school website. This also will make it easier for parents to plan for the year and manage their budget—and show whether schools are requiring expensive uniforms that can only be purchased at specialty stores, driving up the true cost of attendance.
  • Be promptly informed if their child is at-risk of not being promoted to the next grade level. Under the law, parents must be notified if their child is at risk of failing the grade and offered an in-person meeting to discuss how to address the issue. Right now, too many parents learn that their children are in serious academic peril only when it’s too late to prevent failure.

OPSB approves short-term use of vacant lots and facilities

The OPSB authorized the administration to develop and release a request for proposal for respondents to propose a short-term use for vacant sites with the board’s full environmental acknowledgement of conditions and engagement of neighborhood groups. This directive allows the administration to advertise property to buildings that currently sit vacant and allow consideration for time-limited community use. Any potential agreement with a community partner requires final approval by the Board prior to execution.


The OPSB currently oversees 78 public schools, including 75 charter schools, two direct-operated schools and a school with two educational programs for students in secure-care facilities. On July 1st, all New Orleans public schools were unified under the oversight of the locally-elected Orleans Parish School Board for the first time since Hurricane Katrina. Learn more about Unification here.

For more information, visit www.opsb.us. For updates, follow OPSB on Facebook, Instagram @orleansparishschoolboard and Twitter @_OPSB.

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