From the Desk of Superintendent Dr. Henderson Lewis Jr

November 5, 2018

Dear Friends and Partners:

November is a pivotal month for our still very new, unified school district. The release of school performance scores this Thursday will establish our baseline as a district and help us see clearly the work ahead. This district will have to make difficult, but important decisions regarding the future of schools in New Orleans. This work is incredibly important; and I believe there is no more important work besides investing in our children. When we do it right, our returns are an infinitely better society.

We know that the work of our educators, students, families, and schools across the city is not easy, but we value their commitment. We know that progress and growth only happens as a result of the commitment of these special groups of people.

The district’s commitment is to providing the students and families of New Orleans with quality schools and quality school operators. Even when it’s hard, the Orleans Parish School Board must and will act on behalf of the city’s children. That means that non-renewals, transformations and school closures could occur as we fulfill our commitment.

We ask that the people of New Orleans continue to work with us and fight with us as we continue the progress already made and uplift our new unified school district.


Yours in service,


Dr. Henderson Lewis, Jr.



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