April 2019 Board Committee Agendas

April 8, 2019

Agendas with attachments for the April board committee meetings have been posted. However, there have been widespread reports that BoardDocs is experiencing some technical difficulties and is not responding.

The district is working with BoardDocs to correct the problem.

The  agenda items for each of the meetings are listed below.

The meetings will take place as usual at OPSB’s Central Office, First Floor Board Room at 2401 Westbend Parkway.

Accountability Committee (1pm, April 9, 2019)

April Agenda Items

Presentation 3.1 – Portfolio Update

This item will include information regarding the Spring 2019 Charter RFA Cycle, Notices of Non-Compliance, Level 2, alternative programming, and other accountability oversight updates.

ACTION ITEM 4.1 – 2019-20 List of Schools

This action item will approve the list of school site codes for the 2019-20 school year to be shared with the Louisiana Department of Education. An updated list of school site codes must be shared with the LDOE every year.

ACTION ITEM 4.2 – Approval of 2019-20 Child Nutrition Calendar

This action item is the annual approval of next year’s calendar for child nutrition.


Policy Committee (1:30pm, April 9, 2019)

April Agenda Items

1.1 – Call to Order Roll Call

1.2 – Adoption of the Agenda

Notice of Intent 3.1 – Amend OPSB Policy HA Section 10-Transportation

Notice of Intent to revise Policy HA to require that all school buses transporting students attending Orleans Parish authorized-charter schools that are leased or directly operated by the charter organization shall meet the requirements set forth in New Orleans City Code of 1995, Article XVI.

Notice of Intent 3.2 – Amend OPSB Policy DFE-Cash Management and Investments

Notice of Intent to revise policy DFE (Cash Management and Investment) to mirror cash management and investment policy of the State of Louisiana.

First Reading 4.1 – Revisions to Policy KF, Use of School Facilities

First Reading of the revised Policy KF to reflect the appropriate use of school facilities managed by the Orleans Parish School Board for community use.

First Reading 4.2 – New Policy HDB, Community Use of Charter School Facilities

First Reading of a new policy created to outline the appropriate and approved uses of school facilities managed by Charter Operators for Community Use.

SECOND READING 5.1 – Amendment to OPSB Policy DC, Annual Operating Budget, re: Fund Balance

Since December 2018, the district administration has conducted extensive engagement with our legal counsel, school leaders, and advocates regarding fund balance use and our fund balance policy. With our findings from those engagements in mind, we are seeking to (1) add processes that increase transparency whenever the Board utilizes the fund balance and (2) make technical changes to add clarity and details to the existing policy language and framework. While we are only making process and technical changes to the policy at this time, the district administration is open to making additional changes in the coming months.


Budget & Finance Committee (2pm, April 9, 2019)

April Agenda Items

Presentation 3.1 – January, 2019 Financials and Budget to Actuals

Monthly, unaudited budget to actuals for January 2019.

Presentation 3.2 – Introduction to OPSB Financial Advisor PFM

This item will provide PFM the opportunity to share with the board its role in current engagement as the financial advisor for OPSB.

ACTION ITEM 4.1 – Request for Proposal No. 19-0020 Professional Development Consultant-Educational Services

On February 13, the district released Request for Proposal no. 19-0020 for Professional Development Consultant-Education Services to provide consultant-educational services to address professional learning needs related to learning strategies, literacy development, behavioral intervention and leadership. This will be paid for with federal programs grant dollars and be used by the schools in the Orleans Parish School Board Local Education Agency (LEA).

March 15, the district received three (3) proposals, including from: (1) The Center for Developmental and Learning, (2) TNTP, Inc., and (3) Catapult Learning, LLC.

A team of five (5) evaluators reviewed the proposals and recommends that The Center for Developmental and Learning (CDL) be awarded the contract and authorizes General Counsel to prepare the contract. The Center for Developmental & Learning will subcontract with a DBE firm, ELS Dynamic Consulting, LLC at 35%.

More specifically, the proposal is for a district-wide professional development to be held in the summer for district LEA schools staff members. It will be a 5-day PD. The provider will conduct observations at each school prior to the summer PD with follow-up at the beginning of the school year to provide coaching and modeling.

ACTION ITEM 4.2 – Direct Diversion of USDA Commodities for Fiscal Year 2019-2020

This action item would approve the purchase of $417,286.88 in commodities like meat, vegetables, cheese, flour, and other items. These products will be served to students at various schools where the district’s Department of Child Nutrition provides meal services. The district along with nine other parishes/school systems in the region make bulk purchases of commodities like these through a co-op.

ACTION ITEM 4.3 – Stipend and Supplemental Compensation Scale

This action item approves increasing supplemental compensation for high school employees for the upcoming summer remediation program at McDonogh 35 High School. Expenditures will be supported by EEF grant funds.

ACTION ITEM 4.4 – ITB No. 19-0018 Lease for Public Lands: Agricultural, Grazing, Trapping, Hunting, and Any Other Legitimate Purposes

On February 27, the district’s procurement department released Invitation to Bid (ITB) no. 19-0018 for the Lease for Public Lands: Agricultural, Grazing, Trapping, Hunting and Any Other Legitimate Purposes. This is in regards to a ~640-acre piece of district owned land near Lake Catherine in New Orleans East. The ITB was advertised in the Times-Picayune and posted to the OPSB website. Two (2) bids were received on March 29, 2019. They include: (1) Unknown Pass Hunting Club, LLC @ $17,025 and (2) Stephen Romig @ $16,200.

This action item would accept the higher bid from Unknown Pass Hunting Club, LLC and provide for a 36-month lease starting May 1.

ACTION ITEM 4.5 – Approval of Design Contract Amendment for Hynes Elementary School Envelope Repairs Phase II

From December 2015 to April 2016 district staff participated in the Recovery School District’s selection process for architectural services. Ten firms were recommended by the A/E selection committee to be placed in a pool of firms to provide design services for schools in New Orleans in accordance with the request for qualifications.

SCNZ Architects, LLC, was selected from that list to design the building envelope repairs for Hynes Elementary School. Based on preliminary estimates the architect’s (A/E) fee would be $129,570. The repairs are being funded through Capital Projects – Other.

ACTION ITEM 4.6 – Approval of Design Contract for the Phase II Building Refurbishment at Ben Franklin Elementary School

N-Y Associates, Inc., began initial design work for Ben Franklin Elementary in 2011.  As a result of previous knowledge and experience with the facility, the group was selected to design the building refurbishment Phase I for Ben Franklin Elementary School.  This requested contract amendment increases the scope for N-Y Associates, Inc., to complete designs and manage construction for Phase II of the refurbishment.  The repairs are being funded through the FEMA grant.

Contracts are executed based on estimates at the beginning of the project and are ultimately trued-up at the end of the project.  Contract values are determined by the State of Louisiana Facility Planning and Control Fee Calculator for Architectural Services.

ACTION ITEM 4.7 – Approval of Agreement to Purchase Furnishings and Equipment for the Ben Franklin Elementary School Refurbishment Project

When Ben Franklin Elementary School was relocated to unfurnished modular classrooms at the Gordon campus they brought the furniture from their currently under-construction Jefferson Avenue campus. After that construction is complete, those furnishings will remain at the Gordon campus and those same modular classrooms will continue to be used as swing space. However, that means Ben Franklin Elementary will require ~$447,341 in new furniture for their refurbished campus.

The following items are included in this request for furnishings and equipment. The vendor name is in in ellipses. FEMA is the budget source and it is budgeted for.

  • Classroom furnishings (VIRCO)
  • Administration, teacher, and storage furnishings (HON)
  • Cafeteria tables (Louisiana School Equipment)
  • Library shelving (Library Interiors)
  • Classroom interactive panels (AXI Education Solutions)

ACTION ITEM 4.8 – Approval of Change Order for Exterior Repairs at Hynes Elementary 


Property Committee (2:30pm, April 9, 2019)

April Agenda Items

Presentations 3.1 – Capital Projects Report

This item will provide an update to the board on the progress of Capital Projects

Presentations 3.2 – Facilities Planning Update – High School Data

This presentation will focus on the facilities planning data (enrollment projections, site size, capacity, educational adequacy, facility condition) for occupied high schools.

ACTION ITEM 4.1 – Declaration of Surplus Property (Derham, Chester, and McDonogh 7)

The Derham and Chester properties are vacant and have been deemed unnecessary for future use for OPSB for school purposes due to geographic location and size limitations of the lots.  McDonogh 7, which currently houses Audubon elementary, has been deemed unnecessary for future use for OPSB school purposes, based on facilitiy and lot size limitations, upon Audubon exiting that school and moving to the Banneker building for the 2021-2022 school year.  Audubon will remain in McDonogh 7 until the start of the 2021-2022 school year. If added to the surplus list, these properties will be offered for sale to any charter in the City.  If interest in purchasing any of the properties is expressed by any charter, OPSB will enter into negotiations to sell the property.  If interest is not expressed by any charter school organizations, OPSB will move forward to dispose of the property through either a sale or trade with another governmental entity. Site size background:  Should OPSB construct a new K-8 school in the future, a minimum of 3.5 acres would be required to ensure a facility that could meet minimum educational adequacy standards.

Property Overview

  1. Chester

3929 Erato St.

~1.6 Acres

Empty Lot

  1. Derham

2600 S. Rocheblave St.

~3.5 Acres

Empty Lot

  1. Donogh #7

1111 Milan Street

~1.23 Acres

  • Facility Condition Index = 61.45% (One of the 5 worst elementary school buildings, as determined by shape of physical building, in the city portfolio)
  • Audubon will remain in this building through the end of the 20-21 school year while preparing to move to Banneker Elementary

ACTION ITEM 4.2 – Approval for Conditional Use at McDonogh 19 

The OPSB has previously executed an option agreement with the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO) to transfer the McDonogh 19 property to HANO.  As part of the potential project that is being evaluated by the developer working with HANO, Alembic, the group needs to submit a conditional use because the building is more than 10,000 square feet of commercial and community space.  As the current property owner, OPSB must submit a signature with the application.  The conditional use approval will be solely for the development plan being contemplated and thus, it would be voided if the project did not occur.


Legal & Legislative Committee (3pm, April 9, 2019)

April Agenda Items

Information/Discussion 3.1 – 2019 OPSB Legislative Agenda 

On March 21, 2019, the Orleans Parish School Board approved ten (10) 2019 legislative priorities. Now that session has begun, the district as a part of this discussion item will provide updates concerning filed legislation and the start of the session. An additional discussion item follows that provides more updates focused on priority #10.

  1. Direct new state resources to schools & students by raising the MFP
  2. Direct new state resources to pay raises for teachers & school staff
  3. Preserve TOPS, especially for the young people who need it most
  4. Direct state funding to alternative settings for struggling students
  5. Focus the juvenile justice system on prevention & rehabilitation
  6. More state funding for mental health/trauma informed care
  7. More state resources for expanded access to quality pre-k
  8. Advocate for allowing retired teachers to more easily return to work
  9. Give families confidence about school safety, only allow state certified peace officers (e.g. NOPD and state troopers) to enter schools with guns

There are three bills that relate to priority #10: SB 132/HB 324 which establishes a system wide needs program for the Orleans Parish school system and HB 393 which provides relative to the school facilities preservation and the system wide needs programs in certain public school districts.

Information/Discussion 3.2 – 2019 OPSB Legislative Agenda (Priority 10) 


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