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Recently Adopted Policy Changes

The following policy changes were adopted by the  School Board at its regular board business meeting on March 22, 2018.

GBC – Recruitment – Amended (3/22/18)

IFDA – Parental Rights/Student Rights of Privacy – Amended (3/22/18)

KF – Use of School Facilities – Amended (3/22/18)

ECA – Authorized Use of Equipment – Amended (3/22/18)

GBRIB – Sick Leave – Amended (3/22/18)

JCDAA – Student Use of Tobacco – Amended (3/22/18)

DFL – Sale of Buildings and Land – Amended (3/22/18)

EE – Child Nutrition Program management – Amended (3/22/18)

IDDH – English Learner Program – Amended (3/22/18)

EB – Buildings and Grounds Management – (Amended 3/22/18)

JGCD – Administration of Medication – (Amended 3/22/18)

GAMA – Employee Tobacco Use – (Amended 3/22/18)

IDCI – Supplemental Education Services – (Deleted 3/22/18)













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