Child Nutrition

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Child Nutrition provides healthy and nutritious meals for students and other customers at the school sites.  In addition, emphasis is placed on age appropriateness, food safety, wellness and physical fitness of students.

For further information you may contact us at [email protected]  or 504-304-4314 toll free 855-261-3600


Audubon Charter – Gentilly Mahalia Jackson Elementary
Audubon Charter – Carrollton McDonogh City Park Academy
Bethune Elementary Moton Charter
Ben Franklin Elementary Nelson Charter
Capdau Charter Singleton Charter
Edgar P Harney Charter Crescent Leadership Academy
Einstein Charter Easton Charter
Einstein Extension Franklin High School
Fannie C Williams Charter Lake Area Early College Prep
Gentilly Terrace Charter Lusher Charter Mid/High School
Hynes Charter McDonogh 35 Career Academy
Lusher Charter Elementary McDonogh 35 College Prep
 McMain High

Child Nutrition offers parents an online payment service for breakfast and lunch using your credit or debit card at the website for a fee of $1.75 per transaction.

How Do I Enroll?

Parents must have the students’ identification number, date of birth, and the student must be enrolled in one of the schools listed above.

Go to and ENROLL NOW

Child Nutrition menus are available online at the website

Click here for website: 

We offer more fruits & vegetables to students. Visit


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