About the Department

History of the Department of Security & Investigations

The Orleans Parish School Board Security Department began in 1973 under the leadership of Chief Reggie Green.  Chief Green was a former New Orleans Police Officer and a former school teacher.

The Security Department was started with only 15 personnel who were at that time called Hall Monitors.  Each person reported to Security Headquarters located at 4219 S. Miro Street, inside of portable buildings, before being dispatched to their respective schools.  Security, at the time, was not assigned to any particular school.

In the beginning security wore green smock tops; it wasn’t until 1982 that the department began wearing light green security shirts and green pants.  The security department also had their own unique patches made.

The term “Security Counselor” was implemented because Security was allowed to counsel students who had specific problems.  Those problems varied from abuse to illegal activity, as well as other things.  In 1983, the Security Counselors were trained to carry firearms.

In 1985, the Security Department incorporated The Patrol Division under the leadership of Chief Maxie Gagnard.  The Patrol Division was designed to patrol School Board Property for a 24-hour period.  The Patrol Division also assisted with all major problems at any given school.

In 1997 The Task Force Team was started to assist both School Based Security and Patrol.  The Task Force Team consisted of 2 women and 3 men under the leadership of Chief Maxie Gagnard.

In 1999, the department began to gain more respect for the job they did and the term “Counselors” was replaced with the term “Officers”.  It was also at that time when the department became known as “Security and Investigations”.

In 2005, the Security Department employed over 200 well-trained Officers, and the Security Headquarters was located at 3059 Higgins Blvd.

Since Hurricane Katrina, the department only employed 18 well trained and dedicated officers, and the Security headquarters is located at 3520 Gen. De Gaulle Dr., Suite 4058, New Orleans, La. 70114,.   Chief B. J. Bilbo has placed the Security staff in new uniforms.

The Department Security & Investigations has been under the command of the following people from 1973 to present.


Chief Reggie Green      – 1973 – 1978

Chief Wilbert Tross      – 1978 – 1980

Chief A.C. Boyd             – 1980 – 1995

Chief Maxie Gagnard   – 1998 – 2003

Chief Ira Thomas          – 2003

Chief Lindsey Payne    – 2003 – 2005

Chief B.J. Bilbo              – 2005 – Present

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