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2015-16 Private School Meeting Dates

NP School Consultation Presentation 9-3-2015 Click Here

NP School Consultation (Presentation 9.26.13); September 26, 2013 Agenda & Handout Package

Frequently Asked Questions to Assist U.S. Department of Education Grantees to Appropriately Use Federal Funds (9-2013)

Federal Programs Overview for Private/Non-public Schools (3-29-2012)

2012-2013 Private School Meeting Dates

Federal Programs Review NP Mtg 10.5.12

Pvt Sch Conslt Agenda Oct 2012

Title II Expenditures Table (Allowable and Not Allowable) (11-28-2012)

Private School Consultation Meeting Agenda and Handouts Nov 2012


Link to Catapult Learning:

Link to NESI:

Link to Sylvan Learning:

Title I Plan REVISED 2014-15

Title II Plan REVISED 2014-2015


BLANK Free/Reduced Lunch Forms PDF Format

BLANK  Free/Reduced Lunch Forms Word Format

Federal Programs Authorization Form

Confirmation of Secular Workshop Participation Form

Non-public/Private School Contact Information Form

Quarterly Review of Title I Services Form

Title I Eligibility Criteria Form (Reading, Grades 3-12) Revised

Title I Eligibility Criteria Form (Math, Grades 3-12) Revised

Title I Eligibility Criteria Reading Form (K-2) Revised

Title I Eligibility Criteria Math Form (K-2) Revised


2016- 2017


The Louisiana Travel Guide 2013-14 is available for review.  As the Local Education Authority (LEA), the Orleans Parish School adopts the Louisiana Travel Guide and adhere’s to its regulations.  The travel guide is to provide guidelines and establishes procedures for individuals incurring business travel expenses on the State’s behalf.  To ensure all travelers have a clear and consistent understanding of policies and procedures for business travel. It provide state travelers with a reasonable level of service, comfort, and safety at the lowest possible cost. It maximize the organization’s ability to negotiate discounted rates with preferred suppliers and reduce travel expenses.

To view the 2016-17 Louisiana Travel Guide, please click the link:


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