Office of Equity and Accountability: Notices Of Non-Compliance, Level 2

The district has compliance expectations for charter schools outlined in the Charter Operating Agreement, and the Charter School Accountability Framework (CSAF).  At any given point in the school year, a school may receive a Notice of Non-Compliance for a variety of reasons, including, but not limited to, non-compliance of law, policy, and/or contractual obligation.  The Office of Equity and Accountability informs schools of non-compliance through tiered notifications, which increase in severity, based upon the level of concern and required remedy.  In each official Notice of Non-Compliance, the School/CMO Leader and Charter Board Chair are informed.  Additionally, Notices of Non-Compliance, Level 2 are shared at the OPSB monthly Accountability Committee meetings, and posted on the district website.  The notifications will be removed once the issue has been determined resolved. 


School Name Area of Non Compliance, Level 2 Date of Official Correspondence
Einstein Charter Middle at Sarah T. Reed July 31, 2018
Encore Academy July 31, 2018
James M. Singleton Charter School August 31, 2018
James M. Singleton Charter School February 7, 2019
New Beginnings Schools Foundation June 7, 2019


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