The Orleans Parish School Board directs that all pupils enrolled in the schools under its jurisdiction shall be afforded equal educational opportunities in strict accordance with law.  No pupil shall be denied access to or benefit from any educational program or activity or from a co-curricular or athletic activity on the basis of the pupil’s race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, affectational or sexual orientation or sex, social or economic status, or disability.  The School Board shall assure that all pupils are free from harassment, sexual or otherwise.


The School Board shall authorize the Superintendent to allocate faculty, administrators, support staff members, curriculum materials, and instructional equipment supplies among and between the schools and classes in a manner that shall promote equivalency of educational opportunity throughout Orleans Parish.  The School Board shall endeavor to eliminate discrimination, promote mutual acceptance and respect among pupils, and enable pupils to interact effectively with others, regardless of any personal distinction or characteristic in the following areas:


  1. School climate/learning environment;

  2. Courses of study, including Physical Education;

  3. Instructional materials and strategies;

  4. Library materials;

  5. Software and audio-visual materials;

  6. Guidance and counseling;

  7. Extracurricular programs and activities;

  8. Testing and other assessments


Affirmative action shall be taken to ensure that pupils are protected from the effects of discrimination, in accordance with School Board policy.  Pupils who experience less than equal educational opportunities or experience discrimination shall report and appeal any harassment or discriminatory practice to appropriate school officials.



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Orleans Parish School Board