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Reporting Calendar

2017-18 Reporting Calendars

Information about AUP-Dedicated Millage:

On November 17, 2015, the Orleans Parish taxing district (OPSB) voted to increase the millage rate(s) on all taxable property for the following dedicated purposes:

See below for information regarding 2015 Resolution.  Materials will be updated with 2016 Resolution (when available).

Dedicated Purposes: 2016 Levy
Purpose A: School Books, Materials, and Supplies 1.55
Purpose B: Early Childhood, Discipline, and Dropout 1.55
Purpose C: Employee Salary, Benefits, and Incentives 7.27
Purpose D: Air Conditioning, Asbestos Removal, and Facilities Maintenance 2.32

OPSB Resolution 36-15

As a recipient of millage funding, as part of the local portion of MFP funding, each charter school is required to adhere to spending of said funding on the dedicated purposes above.

AUP Millage Reporting Requirements: Reporting of each schools agreed upon procedures to adhere to dedicated spending purposes, is required, as prepared by the charter school’s auditor (in the Annual Audit Report or in a separate report, also verified by an independent auditor).


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