Type 5 Transfer

A summary of the 2016 Type 5 Transfer process can be found below:

2016 Type 5 Transfer Information

Eligible schools may also wish to review the OPSB Charter Schools Performance Framework, which sets forth the evaluative standards for all OPSB charter schools. Link to that document can be found here:

OPSB Charter Schools Performance Framework

Additional Information

  • The Recovery School District (RSD) was created by the state legislature in 2003 as an intervention to manage persistently failing public schools. Orleans Parish schools entered the RSD’s jurisdiction under either LA R.S. 17:10.5 or 17:10.7 (Act 35), with most schools being transferred to the RSD in November 2005:

Louisiana R.S. 17:10.5

Louisiana R.S. 17:10.7

  • Act 330 of the 2013 Regular Legislative Session (HB 661) created a new type of charter school (Type 3B) for eligible schools transferring out of the RSD and to their previous governing authority.  A Type 3B school may either elect to retain its current independent LEA status, or may join the LEA of the receiving school district.

Full text of Act 330

  • At its August 2013 meeting, BESE promulgated policy changes to Bulletin 126: Charter Schools pursuant to Act 330.

Revisions to BESE Bulletin 126

  • In December 2015, BESE made additional changes to the transfer policy.


  • BESE Bulletin 129, §505 lays out the current standards schools must achieve in order to be eligible to exit the Recovery School District, as well as the current process by which schools may transfer to their previous governing authority.

BESE Bulletin 129 (See Chapter 5 §505)


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