OPSB seeks to provide ready access to information about our system of schools. On this page OPSB has gathered a variety of data and resources to assist community members interested in completing their own analyses of school and citywide school performance.  As OPSB prepares to become the sole local authorizer in the city of New Orleans we will continue posting both historical and recent data to this section of our site.

General School Information

Student Population & Demographics

State Assessment & Accountability


GCR Demographics Map – Data last updated during the Spring of 2017.

This resource is updated annually and displays population and enrollment data at the neighborhood and school specific level.  One the map as you select elements the right hand box will change.

  1. Select a specific neighborhood to learn more about the projected student population for the next several years, and information about the schools in the neighborhood
  2. Selecting a school will allow you to see specific information about the school and neighborhood. When looking at a school a PDF icon will appear allowing you to see a birds eye view of the school and where students travel from to attend the school
  3. The map allows you to add neighborhood lines or catchment lines.

External Data Sources:

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