Facility Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the winter 2018 siting process. The process opens up January 12, 2018 and applications are due January 26, 2018 for swing spaces and March 2nd for long-term spaces. Should you be interested in one of the facilities listed, you must complete the application linked prior to the noted deadline.

Please review the siting process presentation, rubric, facility condition assessment, site plan, and Type B Lease (should you be applying for a Type B school). After reviewing these documents, we encourage you to submit your application as soon as possible.

Should you be interested in a site tour, please reach out directly to Sue Robertson ([email protected]) so that we may accommodate that visit. If you have any questions about the siting process, please reach out to Eric Seling ([email protected]).

Facility Assignment Process

Type B Lease

Swing Space Availability

Sylvanie Williams

Facility Condition Assessment to be added shortly

Site Plan to be added shortly


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Long-term Availability

A.P. Tureaud

Facility Condition Assessment

Site Plan


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