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  • OPSB 2017 Fall RFA Evaluation Rubric
  • Is the Prospectus required?
    • The Prospectus is optional for all applicants. New Operators are encouraged to participate. Prospectus participants must submit the Prospectus to Fluid Review by 12:00 p.m. CDT on August, 7, 2017 to be eligible for independent feedback. Review the Part 1 Webinar to learn more about the Prospectus.
  • How should Transformation Applicants proceed?
    • Existing RSD operators should apply for a Type 1 Transformation. The School Name listed in the application can be generic: “CMO School #5.”
    • All Transformation applicants – Takeover, Reconfiguration, and Phase In/Out – complete the Transformation addendum.
    • Please read the Transformation Addendum FAQ
  • Are Board Members from Existing School Operators and Experienced Charter Operators required to complete eligibility forms?
    • Board Members currently serving School Operators with existing RSD and OPSB authorized charter schools do NOT have to complete Board eligibility forms.
    • However, ALL Board Chairs must submit a founder’s submission. This can be found on Pg 21 of Part II.
  • How do I access Fluid Review?
    • Here is the link to the Fluid Review portal.
    • Fluid Review is currently accepting Part I submissions. Fluid Review will begin accepting Part II submissions on August 16, 2017, after the Part II webinar.

Experienced Operator Performance Record Template

  • Which schools do I include?
    • Portfolio track record data should not include schools that were not operated by the applicant during the year in which the data was generated regardless of when it was released.
  • What assessment data do we include?
    • Applicants may modify the template to provide information on the subject specific tests: Reading, Math, and Composite are provided as examples.  Please add additional rows as necessary.
    • Applicants are expected to provide results on state issued assessments by test subject.  For example, schools in Louisiana should provide results for LEAP (ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies), and EOC (Biology, US History, Algebra I, etc), If applicable, ACT should be displayed as a composite
    • Schools may also provide results for other nationally recognized assessments that they administer at their school site.
  • I’m currently authorized in Orleans Parish, do I need to provide district data?
    • For schools that operate in Orleans Parish, you do not need to include the District Average responses for the schools operated in Orleans Parish.

Components of a Complete Application

Applicant and School
Part I, Section IThis section is eligible for an early review if submitted by 12:00pm CDT on August 7, 2017. If the applicant does not participate in the early review, this is due on August 31, 2017 by 12:00pm CDT.
 Proposal Overview Form
 Enrollment Projection Form
 School Management Form
Applicant Eligibility
Part I, Section IIThis section is eligible for an early review if submitted by 12:00pm CDT on August 7, 2017. If the applicant does not participate in the early review, this is due on August 31, 2017 by 12:00pm CDT.
 Teacher Eligibility Form
 Teacher Certifications
 Board Eligibility Form
 Assurances
Executive Summary Part IIServes as a quick introduction and overview regarding your proposal for a school. In addition to describing your school model, the summary should provide the rationale for why New Orleans needs this school at this time.
Proposal Narrative Part IIThe Proposal Narrative addresses the LDE Common Charter Application as well as supplemental OPSB questions. This is the formal application to OPSB, and is a comprehensive description of the school’s educational, organizational, and financial plans.
AttachmentsPart IIThroughout the application, specific documents are requested in addition to narrative answers. Attachments may not contain additional narrative unless specified. A comprehensive list of the attachments is provided on Page 11 of Part II.
AddendaPart IICertain addenda are required based on applicant circumstance. Addenda are required for:
 Experienced Operators, Transformation Operators, High School Operators, and applicants with Corporate Partners or Virtual programs.

Facilities Guidance

Applicant TypeGuidance
Type 1 – New Start OPSB cannot guarantee the availability of a district facility. As such, a viable and sufficiently resourced facilities plan may include the OPSB facilities siting process; however, the applicant must also present a plan to identify, and finance a private facility.
Type 1 – TransformationOperators that are seeking full school takeover or Phase Out are eligible to remain in the target school’s current facility if they prioritized enrolling currently-enrolled students.
Operators interested in serving a subset of grade levels currently offered at the target school are only eligible to remain in the target school’s facility if they provide a plan ensuring that all students currently in the facility will be served.
Type 3 – ConversionOperators are permitted to retain the existing school facility upon conversion.

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